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This 3 day program includes aiding in the development of a business plan, your company's handbook, and your business strategy. You will also walk away with barista training and feel confident with your management skills and development of your team.

Two days of high level, engaging and interactive training that will help you become a successful Manager.


One day filled with fun, understanding brewing methods, coffee tasting, espresso shots and frothing milk.

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Sandi Luck, Trainer

Dr. Sandi Luck has been an entrepreneur for over 13 years, and was a Professor at the University of North Dakota for 10 years. She first founded Bully Brew Coffee House 13 years ago. Since then, she has opened several coffee houses and opened a roastery where beans are roasted, packaged, and distributed through Bully Brew Coffee and several white labels. After retiring from UND, it made sense for her to start ND Coffee School. She is able to continue teaching, and share her experience alongside of her leadership team to others who want to develop a core understanding of the coffee world.

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